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My relationship with Margit, myself and my God have been in the limelight for the past year. Having got to the point where I really believed I was killing myself with the vicious selfpity, depression , stuffing face syndrome, I now had put a spoke in the wheel somewhere.

Thanks God, I came to Margit for a consultation which changed the spiral from a downward to an upward one . I found that immediately I was impressed by a woman with an expert knowledge in her field which encompasses a vast spectrum, from diet to the body, the mind, personality, psychological expertise and a knowledge of how to implement these and maintain – even in a basket case like mine – a movement in the right direction. And, as a good director, she controls the show, only easing once the process is nearing completion.

In a nutshell, though one cannot encapsulate all the advantages of being under the guidance of Margit – I have lost nearly 20 kg and gained a balance, self esteem and control in my life and look forward in confidence, to even greater things.

A new person, happier wife & mother of two little girls.”

“I went to Margit in a state of desperation.

I had developed a skin allergy to” God knows what” and my dermatologist had given me drugs that increased my already “chubby” body, but no solution to the problem.

• Margit got the rash under control in under 2 weeks,

• I started pulling clothes out of the back of the wardrobe that I hadn’t seen for years – and they fitted.

• by the end of the programme, most of my clothes were too big and I had to go and be re-measured for my wedding dress so I didn’t look like a mobile tent in it!

• suddenly I found I had cheekbones,

• I felt full of energy,

• I rarely got a headache. All my thanks to you.”

“I came to see Margit with a severe back problem requiring surgery.

I had been advised by my doctor to lose weight to lessen the strain on my back. But what Margit did for me was so much more than help me lose weight. Diet was a problem since I also had (not have any more), chronic diarrhea and heartburn and I was living on antacid tablets.

With tremendous intelligence and insight, Margit worked out a specific diet for me, dealing with all my food allergies.

• this is now a way of life,

• I am off medication,

• eating more, weighing less and feeling well. What more can one ask for?”

“having lost 10 kg, I feel and look 10 years younger.

• arthritis pains have gone

• swelling in hands and feet gone.

• my self esteem is 100% improved.”

“The reason for me coming to the Clinic was because I was really feeling physically and mentally drained.

During the 2 weeks I’ve spent here,

• I have begun to feel 100% more positive and begun concentrating around a healthier, more motivated approach.

• I now feel ready to begin a new way of life.”

“Prior to joining the Body in Balance Clinic, I have tried every diet, but with no real sustainable benefits.

I was also very sick (chronic bronchitis), had bad headaches, poor concentration and a terrible skin.

The Clinic assisted me to reduce my weight and as a result,

• I have learned to eat proper, nutritious food that I really enjoy,

• I feel great and healthy,

• my skin problems disappeared,

• my concentration is as good as ever”.

“It’s a new way of life!

How can I ever say thank you to Margit? I feel a new and healthy person. I have struggled to lose weight since a teenager with crash diets and everything new in slimming aids – but needless to say, without avail and was back to square one within weeks!

I suffered terribly with excruciating headaches – almost daily , but now I can count how many headaches I’ve had over 5 months on the fingers of my one hand – instead of counting the days I was free of them.

Margit is a wonderful human being – knowledgable and sincere and truly dedicated to the magnificent work she is doing to improve the health, shape and emotional state of her clients. I think she’s great, I am deeply grateful to her for what she has done for me – and hundreds of others!! Salute.”

“In sheer desperation, sometimes weighing close to 70 kg, I have landed up on Margit’s doorstep, after each of my pregnancies, of which there have been four.

And each and every time – with the encouraging determination that I have grown to love of this extraordinary lady, Margit, I have simply shrunk back to size and shape. But the best thing ever is that this time I have been given a gift : I’ve finally understood how my body works.”

“I arrived at the Body in Balance Clinic tired, toxic and feeling ill. I was having reactions to a whole variety of foods. I was almost unable to sleep without waking frequently throughout the night. My confidence was at an all time low.

After 5 weeks on Margit’s diet:

• I have lost 5 kg

• I have gained enormous energy and life has become a challenge,

• I sleep better, my eyes are bright and clear,

• my skin has cleared up,

• I no longer have reactions to foods and haven’t felt so well in years.

Thank you Margit – you have changed my life!”

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